My favorite definition of an Insight is an “unspoken human truth that the subconscious mind immediately recognizes”.

Call me sad, but Insights excite me!

I started writing on Quora a little while ago. One insight I discovered about this site is that its readers are most likely to also visit WebMD. I think that speaks volumes.

The people on there are curious and clever. They value knowledge.

It was on Quora that I nurtured my interest in history, politics and finance. The first two are my hobbies, where I can read about unusual topics in phenomenal detail and from unusual perspectives.

However, I have over a decade’s experience as a professional equity investor, and I discovered, hey, maybe I have insights to offer in this space.

So this is my website, where I intend to share insights about companies you know, companies you love, and companies you hate. Insights about how they make money.

I hope this helps my readers learn from the best companies, invest in the best companies, and work for the best companies.